118th Annual Convention "Synergy: Harnessing the Past, Forging the Future"

Convention Chair: Christopher A. Shearer, DO, FACOI
Convention Program Chair: Dale Derby, DO

Program Agenda

Thursday, April 26, 2018
8 am – 6 pm           Registration Open

9 am                       "Innovations in Health Care"
                               Joseph R. Johnson, DO, FACOOG (dist.)

10 am                     "Overview of Ultrasound Utility for Patient Care"
                               Praveen Maheshwari, MD
11 am                     Legislative Update

12 – 2 pm               Lunch with Exhibitors

2 pm                       OOA Business Meeting – No CME Credit

3 pm                       ACOFP Update
Duane G. Koehler, DO

4 pm                 “Do No Harm”
                               F. Daniel Duffy, MD

5 pm                      “Medicare Part B Updates, Changes and Reminders”
                               Elizabeth Henry
6 pm                       Bureau on Legislation Meeting

Friday, April 27, 2018

7 am – 6 pm           Registration Open

8 am                       "IVC Filters - The Good, The Bad, The Avoidable"
                               Parker K. Truong, DO
9 am                       "Discover Resilience: Making a Difference with Passion & Purpose"
                               R. Murali Krishna, MD

10 am                     "When the DEA Calls"
Jeffry C. Childs Jr., DO

11 am                     Proper Prescribing "Where are We Now" (must sign in for CME credit)
C. Scott Anthony, DO

12 – 2 pm               Lunch with Exhibitors

2 – 3:30 pm            "The HipSpine Connection"
                               Hal D. Martin, DO
4 - 5 pm                  Risk Management: "Its a Team Effort" (must sign in for insurance credit)
Sheri Moore, RN, BSN

7 pm                       Family Fun Night at Main Event

Saturday, April 28, 2018
7 am – 5 pm           Registration Open

8 am – 12 pm         Specialty Track CME Sessions
                               Office-Based Medicine Lora D. Cotton, DO, chair
8 am "Long Acting Reversible Contraception"
Regina Lewis, DO

9 am "BREAKING NEWS! Osteoporosis Review & Update"
Karen Schafer, DO

10 am "Dermoscopy for Top 5 Common In-Office Diagnoses"
Vu A. Ngo, DO

11 am "Hypertension Update & Pediatric Pearls"
Steffen Carey, DO

Emergency Medicine Dennis E. Blankenship, DO, chair
8 am "Compliance in the ER"
J. Brian Williams, DO, FACOEP

9 am "Massive Hemoptysis"
Boyd D. Burns, DO

10 am "Ketamine: A Drug for the Ages"
Shelly R. Zimmerman, DO

                               11 am "Interventional Management of Pulmonary Embolism"
Jonathon D. Kirkland, DO

Neurology/Psychiatry Jason W. Beaman, DO, chair
8 am "How to Care for a Physician Patient"

Shannon L. Hillier, DO
Stacy M. Chronister, DO
Trisza L. Ray, DO

9 am "Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation"
Anna Mazur, PhD, HSP

10 am "Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder"
Samuel G. Martin, MD

11 am "Complex Trauma in Children"
Sarah M. Coffey, DO

OMM/OPP Mark H. Thai, DO, chair
8 am "WWATSD? An Osteopathic Perspective on Self Care"

Megan Meyer Hanner, DO

9 am "Shoulder Stuff"
Stephanie N. Aldret, DO

10 am "Beyond Move More, Eat Less: Consideration in Pediatric Obesity Prevention & Treatment"
Colony Fugate, DO

Internal Medicine
8 am "Role of the Primary Care Physician in Preventing Progression of CKD?"
Kenneth E. Calabrese, DO

9 am "Pediatric Rheumatology: A Primary Care Perspective"
Stephen R. Travis, MD

10 am "Overview of Transfusion Guidelines"
Vamis Guda, DO

11 am "Colorectal Cancer Screening: The Right Test at the Right Time"
Scott Hendrickson, DO

12 pm – 1:30 pm    Luncheon & Awards / AOA Update
William S. Mayo, DO
President of the American Osteopathic Association

1:30 pm                  Alumni Meeting - No CME Credit

2 pm – 6 pm           Specialty Track CME Sessions
                               Office-Based Medicine Lora D. Cotton, DO, chair
2 pm "Hospital Opioids Maintenance of Efficacy & Safety"
Jason A. McElyea, DO

3 pm "Adolescent Immunizations for the Primary Care Physician"

4 pm "Knee Pain"
Ken M. Grider, DO
Jacob A. Borgsmiller, DO

Emergency Medicine
Dennis E. Blankenship, DO, chair
2 pm "Evaluation & Management of Common Mental Health or Behavioral Emergencies"
Jeremy L. Jones, DO, FACOP

3 pm "Crash Course in Treatment & Reversal of New Oral Anticoagulants in the ED"
Kelly Murray, PharmD

4 pm "Pediatric Chest Pain"
Audrey M. Stanton, DO

Neurology/Psychiatry Jason W. Beaman, DO, chair
2 pm "Neurobiology & Red Flags in Addiction"
Jason W. Beaman, DO

3 pm "Opioid Epidemic in Oklahoma"
                                                         Jason W. Beaman, DO

4 pm "Intruder Alert: School Shooting, Gun Violence & Mental Illness"
Kelly S. Andrzejczyk-Beatty, DO

OMM/OPP Mark H. Thai, DO, chair
2 pm "Still Techniques for Common Counterstrain Tender Points"

Kelly Joy, DO

3 pm "Osteopathic Manipulative Mission: Off the Grid"
R. Drew Haney, DO

4 pm "Guide to OMT Documentation and Billing"
Mark H. Thai, DO
Carrie Ahi, CPC

Internal Medicine
2 pm "Syncope from a Cardiologists Perspective"
Patrick J. Henderson, DO

3 pm "HIV in Oklahoma: Making a Difference"
Madhuri Lad, DO, FACOI, AAHIVS

4 pm "Reconciled"
Thomas D. Schneider, DO, FACOI

6 pm Cocktail Reception
7 pm Presidential Dinner & Party

Sunday, April 29, 2018

7 am – 12 pm         Registration Open

8 am         "Regenerative Orthopedics: Where are We Now?
W. Scott Waugh, III, MD, CAQSM, RMSK

9 am       "A Skin Gazer's Eye on Wound Care & Skin Lesions"
Laura Jane Holsey, DO

10 am "Cannabinoids: Novel Molecules with Significant Clinical Utility"
Noel R. Williams, MD, FACOG

11 am "Hormone Replacement Therapy: What Role Should It Play with Our Patients?"
Noel R. Williams, MD, FACOG
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