The mission of the OOA is to advocate for the osteopathic profession and to promote the health 
and well-being of all Oklahomans.   

The Oklahoma Osteopathic Association (OOA) was founded in 1900 as an affiliate of the American Osteopathic Association. An Oklahoma Corporation and a true voluntary professional association, it continues to exist to promote the causes, purposes, and goals of the osteopathic profession in Oklahoma. It is a state organization OF physicians of osteopathic medicine (DOs), BY osteopathic physicians, and FOR osteopathic physicians. The OOA premise that the individual's interests are best served with a unified effort and support in an Association. The Oklahoma Osteopathic Association represents over 2,000 DO physicians, osteopathic residents, interns, and students in the state.   

The OOA meets in annual session each spring during the Annual Convention. The 12-member Board of Trustees meets the first Thursday of each month at the Central Office in Oklahoma City.

The Bureaus, Committees, and Councils are organized in the following departments:
The Department of Professional Affairs includes: Bureau on Awards; Bureau on Membership; Bureau on Physician Grievance; Physician’s Health and Recovery Committee; Bureau on Continuing Medical Education; Bureau on Constitution and Bylaws; Bureau on Postgraduate Education; and Bureau of New Physicians.
The Department of Public Affairs includes: Bureau on Information Technology; Bureau on Legislation; OOPAC Committee; Bureau on Public Awareness; and Health Policy Task Force.
The Department of Business Affairs includes: Bureau on Finance, Bureau on Member Services; Bureau on Convention; Bureau on Professional Liability Insurance; Bureau on Managed Care & Physician Reimbursement; Past Presidents’ Council; and District Presidents’ Council.
These Bureaus, Committees, and Councils meet several times during the year to handle any specific concerns, causes, issues and organizational matters.
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