Constitution and By-laws


The mission of the OOA is to advocate for the osteopathic profession and to promote the health 
and well-being of all Oklahomans.   

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Proposed Changes for 2019

Below are proposed changes brought by the Bureau on Constitution & Bylaws and approved by the OOA Board of Trustees for a vote by the OOA Membership. Please review these changes and come prepared to vote at the OOA's Annual Business meeting on Thursday, April 25 at 2 p.m. at the Embassy Suites Norman. 

Bylaws Article IV, Sections 3 and 4:

Section 3. Vote

All elections shall be by any form of ballot and a majority of all votes cast shall be necessary to elect. In case of no election on the first ballot, the candidate receiving the fewest number of votes shall be dropped from the list before taking the next ballot, which process shall be repeated until a majority vote is cast for one (1) candidate. Any member of the Association in good standing and in attendance at the business meeting shall be qualified to vote.        

Section 4. American Osteopathic Association House of Delegates

The delegates representing the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association to the House of Delegates of the American Osteopathic Association must be members of their district, state, and national associations. A majority of each delegate’s employment activity must be in the state of Oklahoma, unless retired or the OOA Board of Trustees waives this requirement prior to the Nominating Committee meeting. Two of such delegates shall be the current President and President-Elect at the time of the American Osteopathic Association House of Delegates, who shall serve as the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Delegation. The remaining such delegates shall be nominated by the Nominating Committee or by nominations from the floor. All elections shall be by any form of ballot. This election shall take place at the regular business meeting of the annual session of the Association and they shall serve for one (1) year, or until their successors are elected. The delegation will then meet to elect their Chief Delegate by any form of ballot vote.


Bylaws Article I. Membership

Section 1. Regular Member

Any graduate of a college accredited by the American Osteopathic Association, who is legally qualified by the State Board of Osteopathic Examiners and ethically qualified by the Board of Trustees of the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association to practice as an osteopathic physician and/or osteopathic physician and surgeon is eligible for membership in this Association. An applicant is required to make application in writing for membership in the Association on the prescribed form as furnished by the Executive Director of this Association and shall present the full amount of the fee with said application, which shall be signed by two members of the Association and shall be acted upon by the Board of Trustees. The provisions of this section shall not be retroactive.

Upon receipt of application for membership, the Executive Director shall present the same to the Bureau on Membership for recommendation to the

Board of Trustees for their approval or disapproval at a regular or special meeting of the Board.

Any member whose dues or assessments for the current fiscal year remain unpaid after December 31, shall automatically be dropped from membership and such person shall not be permitted to attend any of the Association’s official business sessions, or receive any Association membership benefit. If an individual has been lapsed for more than one year and renews his or her membership by paying dues prior to a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Association, the individual shall be granted provisional privileges and duties of regular members until approval of membership by the Board of Trustees.   

In order to maintain membership in the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association, physicians must comply with the American Osteopathic Association’s requirement for continuing medical education. All members will be responsible for having their approved continuing medical education credits submitted to the Central Office of the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association.

All regular members in good standing shall have voting privileges.


Bylaws Article I. Membership

Section 7. Out-Of-State Membership

Out-of-State membership may be granted by the Board of Trustees to osteopathic physicians outside of Oklahoma if they submit an application on the prescribed form accompanied by $100 which is the annual fee for such membership, providing the physician is a member in good standing with his or her respective American Osteopathic Association Divisional Society state licensure board.