Bureaus & Committees

2021 - 2022 Departments, Bureaus, Committees & Councils


President: Jason L. Hill, DO
President-Elect: Jonathan K. Bushman, DO
Vice President: Rebecca D. Lewis, DO
Past President: Richard W. Schafer, DO


Bureau on Awards
Gabriel M. Pitman, DO, chair
Kenneth E. Calabrese, DO, vice chair 
Meets in January
Bureau of  New Physicians & Residents

Justin S. Sparkes, DO, chair
Amanda Foster, DO, co-chair
Meets October and February

Bureau on Continuing Medical Education  
Rebecca D. Lewis, DO, chair
Teresa Hardesty, DO, vice chair
Meets in August and January
Bureau on Postgraduate Education

Teresa Hardesty, DO, chair
Douglas C. Nolan, DO, vice chair
Meets August, September, October, and December

Bureau on Constitution & Bylaws
Douglas C. Nolan, DO, chair
Jonathan B. Stone, DO, vice chair
Meets September and December
Bureau on Membership
Christopher C. Thurman, DO, chair
Rebecca D. Lewis, DO, vice chair
Meets monthly


Bureau on Legislation

LeRoy E. Young, DO, chair
Jason L. Hill, DO vice chair
Meets November, January - April                   

OOPAC Committee
LeRoy E. Young, DO, chair
Bret S. Langerman, DO, vice chair
Meets February


Bureau on Convention

Jonathan K. Bushman, DO, convention chair
Rebecca D. Lewis, DO, program chair
Meets October - April

Bureau on Finance

Jonathan K. Bushman, DO, chair
Rebecca D. Lewis, DO, vice chair
Meets monthly

Past Presidents’ Council
Timothy J. Moser, DO, chair
Richard W. Schafer, DO, vice chair
Meets during the Winter Seminar
District Presidents’ Council
Determined by council
Nominating Committee
Eastern Representative
North Central Representative
Northeastern Representative
Northwestern Representative
Panhandle Representative
South Central Representative
Southern Representative
Southeastern Representative
Southwestern Representative
Tulsa Representative
Western Representative
Gabriel M. Pitman, DO
Kenneth E. Calabrese, DO
Christopher A. Shearer, DO
Timothy J. Moser, DO
Richard W. Schafer, DO
Ad Hoc Committees

Bureau on Member Services
Bureau on Public Awareness
Bureau on Physician Grievance
Physicians Health & Recovery Committee
Health Policy Task Force
Bureau on Professional Liability Insurance
Bureau on Managed Care & Physician Reimbursement
Bureau on Information Technology

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