Why should you become a member of the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association?

The OOA is the voice for all Oklahoma DOs, no matter what your specialty, no matter where you work, or who you work for.

The OOA was founded in 1900 in order to establish the practice of osteopathic medicine and it continues to exist to promote the causes, purposes, and goals of the osteopathic profession in Oklahoma. It is a state organization of DOs, by DOs, and for DOs.

With Oklahoma’s health ranked 46th in our nation, now is the time for us to come together to fight for the health of our patients. As physicians, our highest priority is guaranteeing access and providing quality health care to all. Together, at our state capitol, we can ensure the osteopathic voice is heard by our legislative leadership and make a lasting impact.

DO your part by becoming a member today!

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Increase our impact at the Capitol

The OOA impacts public policy in many ways – including direct contact with the legislature, through your advocacy with your respective legislators, as well as through the Oklahoma Osteopathic Political Action Committee (OOPAC). In 2022, the physician community as a whole faced many challenges. A new managed care framework for Medicaid in Oklahoma was a major focus pushed by many legislators, which had been narrowly defeated at the state Supreme Court the previous year. This year, we participated in the process to make this bill work better for our physicians and lessen the impact of these changes on you and your patients. Our efforts are only maximized when the entire profession is involved. Donate today and increase our effectiveness as we defend your practice and patients.  


Support Osteopathic education

The Oklahoma Educational Foundation for Osteopathic Medicine (OEFOM) provides scholarships to students at OSU-COM, support for residents seeking continuing educational opportunities, and an endowment to maintain the OOA's headquarters in Oklahoma City. You support ensures osteopathic education will continue on in Oklahoma as well as osteopathic representation at the Oklahoma Capitol. Donate today and help leave a lasting osteopathic legacy.





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